Headaches can be a very painful problem that most children and young adults will experience at some point. Headaches can often be a symptom of a viral illness, stress, or other chronic issues. In children, a vision exam is among the first things evaluated when complaining of headaches. Children may not be able to verbalize or understand that their eyesight is a problem. If the patients vision is normal then our provider will continue the evaluation to find relief and discover the source. Our providers will order or perform diagnostic testing as needed. A very helpful tool that our practice uses in the evaluation and investigational part of the patients treatment is a Headache Diary. Our patients are asked to fill out a headache diary for a requested period of time. After the patient has filled out the diary, our providers will then have a snapshot of the patients symptoms and other affecting factors. Our practice is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help our patients. If you have concerns about ongoing headaches, then please call our office to request a consult with one of our medical providers today!


Headache Diary