Summer is full of fun, sunshine... and accidents! Here are some types on how to make your summer more fun and less painful:
Pools and lakes
Kids love to swim, laugh and horse around in the water. While this is awesome for their happiness, it can turn tragic without proper supervision. Most important piece of advice – keep an eye on swimmers at all times if a lifeguard is not present! Know where the lifesaving equipment is and also learn CPR just in case. Toddlers are especially troublesome, as they will jump into a pool well before they know how to swim. Vigilance is key around water.
Lawn mowing
With the beautiful sunshine and the spring season, comes the lawn mowing duties. When mowing, be aware that the blades spin very fast and can kick out debris that can seriously hurt a child. Follow these tips: remove debris prior to mowing, use a grass catcher or deflector to prevent flying debris, wear safety glasses, avoid mowing when the grass is wet to avoid slipping and keep kids away from the mower at all times.

Bicycles, skateboards and skates
Riding or skating is very popular and we unfortunately see too many concussions and head injuries. There is one simple rule when a child is going to ride or skate. Wear your helmet or you do not get to ride. End of story! Second, do not ride or skate with headphones turned up loud or preferably not at all. Headphone music can significantly reduce your reaction time to oncoming danger in traffic.


For more information about helmets follow this link!