Pesky bug bites are an issue that we deal with in our area frequently. As adults, it is easier for us to understand that we should not scratch and irritate these irritated areas if we can possibly help it. Children however simply know that something itches and they are going to scratch it! There are something that we can do to prevent:

  • Dress in loose fitting clothing and long sleeves
  • Use bug spray like All Terrain
  • Use Calendula cream, topical Benadryl or cortisone 1% cream to relieve itching
  • ICE!

If you haven’t been successful at preventing and the bugs have won their war then you have to try to keep nails trimmed and minimize scratching! If after treating the affected area it has developed a great red coloration, swelling and discharge then you child needs to be seen. Follow this link for one of Dr. Magryta’s articles about bug bites.