As an adult, having an earache can be excruciating. Children deal with ear infections very frequently. We would like our parents to understand why ear infections happen. The ear drum creates a closed environment inside of the ear. The drainage that appears from ones nose and eyes also drains to your ears into this closed environment. This warm and moist area is a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and infection when the fluid does not drain regularly. Children that could possibly have an ear infection will most likely complain of ear pain and sometimes jaw pain (this can sometimes only be teething though). Fever is also a frequently seen symptom as well. Our providers make sure to do thorough exams during all visits and if they are unable to visualize the ear drum they may have to remove some ear wax. The only time our providers recommend the insertion of anything smaller than an elbow in the ear is if you are in a medical office and medical provider is the one doing so!

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