Infants present with worried parents frequently at our practice with eye discharge. Most of the time this is a common issue that just takes some patience and lots of care. Infant tear ducts are approximately the size of a needle… take a moment and imagine how easy it must be to clog such a tiny hole. Something as harmless as dust can clog their tear duct and cause symptoms that are similar to pink eye. The first thing that you will notice is that your baby will seem to have constant watery eyes that may begin to crust. This is most likely worse when they wake up from nap or bed. Things that you can do to help your baby:
Using a clean and wet wash cloth massage the eye from the nose to the outer edge
Do not stress! If you start to notice that the eye is becoming pink or red then it may be time to give our triage nurses a call or come by the office to get your little one checked out.


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