Acne is a right of passage for most teenagers as they progress through puberty. The hormonal shifts that occur trigger an increase in the oil that gets trapped in the oil producing glands of the skin. Bacteria grow here and trigger inflammation leading to red swollen lesions that we see on the skin. Our providers recommend that acne sufferers avoid scratching, excessively touching or irritating these acne lesions as this will worsen the situation. Gentle face cleansers are ok to use like Neutrogena or Dove, however, do not vigorously scrub your face. Benzoyl peroxide topical treatments are beneficial as well. Some people are very sensitive to dairy products, especially if they have cystic acne lesion. A 30 day trial off of all dairy products can be very beneficial. If you do not receive significant benefit at this point, Schedule and acne visit and we will take the treatments a step further.


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