NC HealthCoonex is North Carolina's statewide recognized health information exhange that will be teaming up to help ensure that all health care providers in the North Carolina State will be able access all patient information no matter where you have to go to be seen.  Having access to NC HealthConnex helps us work more closely with other providers, make better care decisions, and reduce the chance of medical errors. This is especially important in emergency situations and providing transitions of care.We’ve always shared information with other providers when needed to support patient care, but NC HealthConnex makes it easier, faster and more secure across the state.Research has shown that using a network like this will help improve care quality and safety, reduce medical errors, and lead to lower health care costs. Studies show that use of HIE in an emergency department reduces the odds of hospital admission, and access to HIE reduces hospital readmissions and repeat diagnostics like imaging.NC HealthConnex also helps prevent the spread of disease through faster reporting of health threats to public health departments.

In addition to the connection for the exchange of health records, NC HealthConnex offers additional services for our organization including notifications, registries, eHealth Exchange, Direct Secure Messaging, DSM Provider Directory, and single sign on to the Controlled Substance Reporting System. To learn more about the Suite of Services, visit

Patients do not have to participate in this system and can choose to opt out of having their PHI shared through the NC HealthConnex by sending the Patient Opt Out form found on the NC HIEA website,, to the NC HIEA business office. We will also be able to provide the forms here in our office.