Last week my wife presented me with one of the most moving videos that I have had the privilege to see. It shifted me more than anything that I can remember.

I have been constantly frustrated by the charitable organizations claiming to do great things only to waste and abuse our money and trust. I have stopped giving to big organizations for these reasons. Many of these organizations have bloated budgets leaving not enough given to the needy. This is a curse upon the wasteful.

The story of Scott Harrison is beautiful! Please give me 21 minutes of your life. Watch this Video.

100% of your money goes to helping people get clean water around the world. I have no affiliation with this organization other than admiration.

To that end, to show my commitment, I plan to shave my head when we reach our goal of 10,000$ given to the needy.

Here is the link to the Donation Page.

In memory of Joao! Great friend and a true gentleman. You will be missed by your Saturday morning soccer friends.



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