October 3, 2011

After spending the morning the other day getting a massage to help my aching neck, I was thinking about a comment that my masseuse made. The comment was that "I had to stop getting Dr. Mercola's newsletter because of all of the negativity about modern life, health and the need to take all of these supplements". It made me think again about the need to focus on a positive attitude no matter what the data says and your personal circumstances. Keep a critical eye on the information you receive and how you process it.

Just as we have discussed the good side of the placebo effect, we need to stay positive and happy in all aspects of our lives no matter what. I am convinced that a positive proactive mind can overcome anything!

Over the years we will discuss many aspects of life that need modification. Whether it is the need for more sun exposure, avoiding things or eating healthier food, go at it with a open and positive attitude.

Every cell in your body is influenced by its' environment through the cell membrane. If the thought/energy signals are positive, then maybe other negative undesired signals can be suppressed. In theory, it is the reverse of the negative depressed person who is always sick. The depressed mind always projects a negative self image and that trickles down to every cell in the body increasing susceptibility to illness and changing the epigenome.

We are at our best when we are in the "zone" or the "flow". What is the zone?? It is a place where you feel right, good or just positive. Life is easy when you feel right. Staying there is the key.

So as the years pass and we learn from our world, never let it get you down. Rise above the negative data and change for the sake of health not because of fear!  See the article on positive thinking here!

I hate fear!

Dr. M