September 26, 2011

Welcome to all of our new readers. It is a pleasure to have you on board!!
I had a request to write down some healthy snacks for kids to eat at home or at school.

A favorite for kids: frozen fruit - blueberries and raspberries are big hits. Just pop them in your mouth and enjoy. Blueberries can be a little messy.

Any vegetable cut up and dipped in hummus or nut butters/sun flower seed butter. My daughter loves peppers with hummus. My son loves carrots and anything nutty.

Dill pickles, marinated veges or olives can be good for certain palates.

Plain Greek style organic yogurt with fresh fruit or frozen fruit with granola/nuts or whole grain cereal works for most kids. Avoid this if you are dairy intolerant.

A handful of nuts or seeds. Pepitas or pumpkin seeds roasted and lightly salted are excellent. Peanuts are the least healthy. Aim for almonds or walnuts.

Lettuce role ups - iceberg lettuce stuffed with chicken, egg salad, hummus, veggie strips etc...

High quality snack bars and sesame sticks - Trader Joes, The Healthy Home Market and Simply Good have nice selections.

Trail Mix - dried fruit/nuts/seeds

Guacamole and whole grain chips

Sliced fruit with nut butters on top

The goal of these snacks is to provide fat/protein and carbs for a sustained energy source. Avoiding the sugar highs and lows is advantageous for us as parents.

My take home point today: Take the time to make snack a fun and healthy experience.

Just because,

Dr. Magryta