September 19, 2011

As we all age, the need for changes to our daily routine become obvious. We feel more stiff in the morning. Our minds are cluttered with tedious daily tasks or frustrations. We feel more stressed and overwhelmed, especially with the needs of our wonderful children.

About 5 years ago I started listening to my body and realized a few things. First, I needed to stretch and relax in the morning. Playing lots of soccer was catching up with me. Second, I felt mind cluttered and not centered on family and love. Third, I was having heart palpitations. I used to get up and rush out the door, listen to the radio or medical CD's and generally be wired. My life was erratic. Now I get up every morning a half hour earlier and stretch for 15 minutes. Then I meditate for 15 minutes about my life or my day. This has helped me get my day started and helps me feel centered about the happiness of my life.

Top Ten Reasons to Meditate

10) It slows down the overactive mind

9) It relaxes tense muscles

8) It slows down your breathing rate

7) It aids in digestion

6) It reduces blood pressure

5) It improves cardiac coherence

4) It reduces baseline heart rate

3) It allows you to reduce baseline stress thereby stopping trigger reactions

2) Relaxation will increase your productivity

1) It centers you in the present moment