September 19, 2011

Magnesium - another essential nutrient.

Continuing the theme of micronutrient needs and function, let's discuss magnesium. Most of us know this nutrient as Milk of Magnesia, a laxative. It is #3 on my list of missing and necessary nutrients for many of us.

Where is it and what does it do? 50%+ of magnesium is found in bone. 40%+ is found in cells and organs. 1% is found in blood. Magnesium maintains healthy bones, keeps us regular on the toilet, promotes functional immunity, stabilizes cardiac function and promotes normal nerves and muscles.

Sources of magnesium are a great surprise! Fish, nuts, greens, legumes and other vegetables. The same pieces of the healthy puzzle.

If you have asthma, diabetes, hypertension, bowel disorders like crohn's disease and migraines, statistically, you are likely to be magnesium deficient.

The commonality between all of these past three micronutrients is that they have similar macro sources and synergistic functions. We were meant to eat plants and animal proteins in moderation to support a wide variety of systems. Continuing to work towards an anti inflammatory diet will balance the system by providing these nutrients on a daily basis.

My take home point today: Find more magnesium to live well.

It is good to be regular,

Dr. Magryta