August 29, 2011

Mobile phones are everywhere and we all love them. The newer do it all mini computers like the iphone are posing an interesting problem for us - radiation! The amount of radiation has been studied and there are legitimate concerns related to the proximity to our brains. These concerns are just that, concerns. Proof does not yet exist.

The studies to date are all epidemiological and not biological. We have belief based on population analysis, but not with a plausible biological mechanism to answer the question.

In my mind, I think that a little bit of precaution would be useful. Here are some recommendations:

1) Use a radiation blocking case. This can help at the point of release. See companies like Pong research. See the link.

2) Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock. You spend 7-10 hours in bed and that constant exposure is easy to reduce. Use a traditional alarm.

3) Use a wire device to keep the phone away from your head. Newer cars are coming equipped with blue tooth devices. Talking without holding the device is safer in many ways.

4) Try to talk more in person when you can. We all benefit from more personal contact and positive interaction. It also prevents misconceptions of texts/emails without linked emotion.

My take home point today: Think phone safety even if it eventually turns out to be nothing.

Happy talking,

Dr. Magryta