August 22, 2011

6) Exercise daily. Walking in the sun is a wonderful way to clear your mind while stimulating your muscles and gaining vitamin D from the sun (no sunscreen for a walk of less than 1 hour)

7) Work on things that bring you joy. Producing a vision board, reading, cooking, gardening are great as your time frees up and you want mental stimulation but without the drudgery of having to do chores all the time. There is nothing more deadly to the psyche than monotony and the longing for the life you once had.

8) Have a daily goal of one thing you want to do per day for YOU!!!! Have your husband or friend tend your flock during this time.

9) Getting a massage routinely can be very relaxing.

10) If you are really struggling get HELP! See an Integrative practitioner and consider hypnotherapy, counseling, acupuncture and other modalities to reduce your stress.