August 15, 2011

I pay close attention to many a mother's mood when we have our visits. As the old saying goes, " an unhappy mother equals an unhappy home". As the household glue, a dysfunctional mother is a recipe for meltdown of the family unit. Stress in our lives is a common and unwavering reality. The real question is "how do we handle it".

Talking with a wonderful mother yesterday spurred this diatribe. Here goes:

First and foremost. If you are concerned that you or your wife are a danger to the child or themselves, get immediate help. Post partum psychological issues can be devastating.

Before a child is born it is always a great idea to prepare for the life change that inevitably takes place. Here a a few preventative ideas:

1) Load the boat - get as much help from friends and family as possible in the first 6 months. Do not use fear as a reason not to ask for help. Most women have been there and understand your needs. It does take a village to raise all children. Take an hour or two every other day and get to the gym or get outside for a run or whatever relaxes you. Yoga in the sun! Forget the unnecessary chores that normally consume your life.

2) Sleep when they sleep. You need rest as much as they do. Martyrdom is for the silly.

3) Eat as if you are a diabetic and avoid excessive amounts of flour and sugar that promote fatigue and weight gain in most. Try the anti inflammatory diet which promotes health and mental clarity. See the link.

4) Consume fish or fish oil to increase the omega 3 fats that your brain needs for survival. See the link for the right fish to consume. We use the fish oil brand Prothera which offers 500mg of EPA and DHA per capsule. Just aim for a reputable source like Nordic Naturals, Prothera and Carlsons.

5) Practice the 4/7/8 breathwork method. It helps to calm the mind and the autonomic nervous system.

6) to be continued....