Cancer - Everyone has a friend or family member with it. Why is this? The answer seems to lie in the realm of epigenetics. Chemicals, poor diet, stress and genetics play major roles in the rise of cancer.

I have continued to profess the message that a healthy diet, limited chemical exposure and a positive thought stream are paramount to cancer avoidance. As always, it is in our best interest to avoid a disease rather than treat it. Think CHEMOTHERAPY!

Let us talk sugar. The debate regarding its association with cancer has raged since the 1920's. Why is this an issue with cancer? Did you know that like all cells cancer cells use sugar to grow! However, they use more sugar than normal cells.

Some cancer cells do not do well in a sugar depleted world and medicines are being researched to target this issue.

Knowing this can help us understand one way to deal with cancer prevention and treatment. Focusing on a refined sugar depleted diet is a primary treatment option for integrative cancer doctors.

By refined sugar depletion, we mean primarily simple sugars like table sugar, white or brown processed flour, honey etc. Refined sugars cause insulin spikes in the bloodstream and have downstream metabolic effects that promote cancer proliferation.

When you deprive a cancer cell of sugar it will commit suicide, apoptosis we call it. Read this NATURE article for details.

If you have cancer or wish to avoid it, shift your diet to an anti inflammatory type and live longer. 

My take home point today: Sugar is best held to a minimum. Tough to do but necessary.

Live well,

Dr. Magryta