July 25, 2011

I watched a movie last night that has hit a cord within me. It is called Waiting for Superman by Davis Guggenheim . For years I have been under the impression that many inner city schools are failing because of the kids, their parents and the teachers at these schools. I encourage you to watch this movie and see a new perspective.

I distinctly remember the teachers in my life that were fantastic, inspiring and worth their weight in gold. We have always known that great teachers make great schools and therefore great children.

This movie tears at the fiber of the reasons for failing schools. Poor quality teachers that are tenured and "locked in" are turning out to be a huge cause of dysfunction. If this movie is all correct, we should be screaming at our government to push through legislation to make our students and teachers accountable.

My take home point today: Watch: Waiting for Superman

Click the link here to see the trailer.

Live well and pray for our schools,

Dr. Magryta