June 20, 2011

Pregnancy has always been a time to protect and cherish a mother. The emerging data is reinforcing the idea that pregnancy and the first year of life are critical to a child's wellness and disease prevention. Let us focus on VItamin D.

This topic will continue to emerge for years to come.

In a recent review article the evidence is showing that a normal Vitamin D level in a pregnant woman is crucial for the development of the infants lungs and preventing asthma and other lung diseases.

I am convinced by the balance of the data that Vitamin D sufficiency is of paramount importance to many emerging diseases and their prevention.

If you are pregnant, please get out and walk in the sun for 30 minutes everyday. I would also recommend that women that are pregnant or considering pregnancy talk with their doctor about their vitamin D level.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2011;183:1286-1287

My take home point today: Nature teaches, let's listen. Get natural vitamin D from the sun.

The sun is good,

Dr. Magryta