I had a request to discuss dry skin issues. Dry skin and eczema - treatment options are wide and varied but one thing is universal: hydration is the key. Hydration requirements depend on the season and the degree of xerosis.

I have many patients who are confused about when to use emmolients versus lotions etc... Here goes - Winter and dry weather season is a great time to use a greasy type moisturizer like Aquaphor or vaseline. Humid conditions warrant the use of lotions and creams like Cerevae, Eucerin, Lubriderm or Cetaphil. Try to use fragrance and dye free varieties to limit skin reactions.

Always use moisturizers within 3 minutes of a bath or shower to lock in water. Pat your skin dry to preserve natural oils that your body produces.

Pay attention to skin triggers like dairy products, chemical based skin products, aeroallergens like cat dander, etc.... If you learn what irritates your body, you can prevent xerosis and the need to treat.

And most importantly!!! Eat healthy anti inflammatory whole foods. See Dr. Weil's link.

Dr. Magryta