December 26, 2011

Here we go with a New Year of newsletters. What are our goals for 2012?

I would like to propose that above all we stay focused on the task of being positive. New Years resolutions always come and go, yet a belief system can take root. Approach everyday in 2012 with the thought that life is moving forward and that we are positively expanding as a person, group, culture and society. What a nice thought! - to go back to peace and harmony in one's self first and then our country.

Think back to the sad period following 9/11. There seemed to be a shift in society toward a collective unity and belief in honor above the normal status quo. Slowly over the last 10 years we have seen a slow shift back toward selfishness and negativity. Our economic downturn and the wonderful media feeds this discontentment. We are inundated with far too much drama and dysfunction of the few. Let us instead pay attention to the good members of our local family unit and society. Honor them with kind words that affirm their goodness and fosters more positivity.

Teach your children to think of good always before bad. Honor good in other children by focusing on their positive qualities and verbally affirming them.

My take home point today: Think about goodness and call it out where you see it.

For those with great positive energy,

Dr. Magryta