December 12, 2011

Girls and our Society

Problem: when a person's value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, how do they feel?

As far back as history can record we have seen a constant sexualization of girls in society. Modern TV, movies, music, clothing, video games, etc., frequently promote the message of sex and beauty. Listen to modern music and hear the glorification of a woman's beauty and sexual prowess and not her merit or brains. Listen to girls talk at school and you fall into a world were beauty is everything.

Don't get me wrong, our society is dramatically better today then any time in the past millennia. Yet, girls are still focused on looking "hot". Too often they are bombarded with the powerful message of "your looks define you".

You can imagine the psychological problems that can arise in a girl if she bases her self worth on her beauty and then she is told that she is less than by a boyfriend or a girlfriend that is mad at her. Or, God forbid, she becomes disfigured with acne, an injury or just aging. Where does she fall back to if her self esteem source was just ruined? Where was her guidance in loving who she is?

What I would love to see is a concerted effort by all parents to focus on their daughter's merits and not only their beauty. Help them see the value in who they are and not how they look! Teach your sons that girls should be valued as friends and sisters.

It is unfortunate that when I watch a football game at 1pm on a Sunday with my son, I have to ask him to turn away for commercials on the Victoria Secret fashion show or an R rated movie that it is hitting the theaters. Reality!

Check out the American Psychological Association website for details about how to learn and get involved.

On a quick perusal of the web you will learn that beauty does matter in life. It has always helped the attractive people. Studies have proven this fact. Better looking people earn 3-4% more on their paychecks than their average looking colleagues. They are more likely to be hired for the same job. As wrong as this is, it is real. See the link. Despite the reality of life, we need to bring the focus back to their true value as a person.

Their self esteem depends on it!

My take home point today: love your girls for who they are and honor them for these gifts.

For my Bella,

Dr. Magryta