November 21, 2011

Tis the week for Thanksgiving. Although it is hard to tell by the commercial holiday overlap with Christmas, this is the week that we teach our kids to be thankful for God, their lives, their country and everything that they hold dear.

At the Magryta house during dinner time, we routinely ask our children what they are thankful for and how they feel about life. They often respond with very profound statements that make us smile.

What does it mean to be thankful?

To be thankful really is being in a place of peace within one's self no matter what state of life you find yourself in. Stress or no stress, wealth or its absence, health or disease and so on. Each of us has the ability to love something and many things about our lives at any point. This choice is a blessing.

I encourage each one of you to spend time with your children over the holidays discussing what you are thankful for and feel at peace with the perfections and imperfections of life as we know it.

Thanksgiving is about this great country that we call home. It has given us the ability to be thankful for peace and prosperity. I know prosperity seems an odd statement right now, but compared to the vast majority of the world, we are very prosperous.

Please enjoy your beautiful children and your life. Happy thanksgiving and bless you all.

My take home point today: Teach your children thankfulness and lead by example.

Thankful for all of you,

Dr. Magryta