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Patient Education - Handouts



Below is a list of various handouts with helpful information for parents and patients. 

As always, if you have questions or are worried about your child, please call our office and speak to our Triage department.


Backpack Safety


Helpful Information


Tylenol- Dosing Chart

Ibuprofen- Dosing chart


Prenatal Information- What you need to know before baby arrives



Diagnoses & Conditions






Functional Medicine Handouts


Introduction to Functional Nutrition- for Patients                                              


Elimination Diet- Comprehensive Guide                                                                 

Elimination Diet- Weekly Planner & Recipes

Elimination Diet- Food Plan

Food Reintroduction- Symptoms Tracker

Genova Elimination Diet                                                                                                             

Hidden Sources of MSG


Inflammatory Lifestyle Contributors


Stress Management

The Relaxation Response

Mindful Breathing Exercises- 1

Mindful Breathing Exercises- 2

Mindful Breathing Exercises- 3

Mindful Meditation


Phytonutrient Spectrum Comprehensive Guide

Phytonutrient Spectrum- Food Checklist for Kids

Phytonutrient Spectrum- List of Foods

Rainbow Recipes- A Day of Color


The Problem with Plastics

Reducing Toxicity & Chemical Exposures

Toxicity of Pesticides

Toxins & Diseases