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July 26th, 2021

Here are a few:

1) It is a terrible mistake for parents to underestimate their influence on their children. They are paying attention and learning from us through watching and direct communication. We should use this pulpit to help them at all times.

2) Parents create the reality that their children experience. Free play, increased outdoor time, structured travel and event experiences or the contrary is to give unlimited screen access, whatever food they want and no guidance.

3) Providing books and reading frequently to a child is like the child winning the lottery for future success. The more literacy events that occur, the higher the success likelihood.

4) The school of natural consequences teaches life lessons that are critical to future ability and success. When a child fails after trying, they are laying the foundation for future successes.

5) Prevention beats treatment every time. The front end work with diet, stress control, exercise, etc... will prevent the need for medical interventions later on.

There are more pearls in the podcast.....

Dr. M