Aug 10th, 2020

I was driving north on I77 a few days ago and went to change lanes. During the end of the process of doing so, I heard a screeching sound prompting me to look in the rearview mirror at a small sports car flying upon my car. Fortunately, he stopped short of hitting me. Having not seen him when I looked back to change lanes, I could only assume that he was traveling in excess of 90 or more miles an hour. Needless to say, I was jolted and proceeded to move back to the right lane. This young man proceeded to pass me screaming expletives and hand gestures.

In tough and stressful times like pandemics and wars, people act in unkind and negative ways. It is our job to maintain composure and be better than the sum of the negative energy floating around on social media, in person and online. Be kind in all ways.