October 29, 2018

Introducing Mark Allison!

As we progress on with our lives with open minds and open hearts, occasionally something or someone fabulous falls into your path. I tell my kids all the time to be open, humble and ready to receive gifts from others. For me this happened two weeks ago. A good friend of mine, Russell Greenfield, thought that Chef Mark Allison and I would be worth connecting

together for our shared passions of food, health and families. The conversation that followed at Summit Coffee shop in Davidson, North Carolina was nothing less than pure joy.

Who is Mark Allison?

It turns out that Chef Mark Allison is a veteran of the culinary arts having trained all over the world before settling in as the Dean of our Charlotte based Johnson and Wales Culinary School from 2004 until 2013. He has been on many television and print media platforms as well as working for the Walt Disney Corporation. He has been tied to the Kannapolis area and the North Carolina Research Campus. A pedigree to say the least.


During our conversation, I learned as fate would have it that we are consulting for the same great organization known as Standard Process. We are aligned in the goal of bringing good nourishing food back to Americans, via multimedia platforms, to avert future disease. We realized that we are part of a combined plan with Standard Process to start producing educational videos to help Americans learn to cook, eat and live better than our hidden corporate food culture wants us to.

To say that I was a kid in a candystore with 100$ and no parent in sight is a gross understatement. After spending the better part of an hour together, I learned of the vast treasure trove of recipes that Chef Mark has accumulated over the years. To my great joy, Chef Mark has offered to share his recipes with us every week. From now on the recipe of the week will be called Chef Mark Allison's Column.

To finish, throughout your children's lives help them remain open and ready to meet anyone at anytime that could align with their path toward a goal. It all comes down to work, desire and friendships. If you preach this enough at home, some day your kids will experience serendipity.

Dr. M