December 26, 2016

New Years is traditionally a time that we introspect and set new goals for a better life. What that means to each one of us is as varied as the plants that exist, save for human health. We all WANT to be healthy. We all WANT to be happy. The impediment to being is not changing.

The most important new goal that I wish for all of you and your children is the goal to develop the ability to change old patterns to allow for experimentation. Experimentation is the best way to see and feel change. Once we feel, we have a better chance of maintaining a change that is beneficial.

Practice random change because it is just that, change. Walk a different way to work. Eat differently and feel. Love where it hurts, especially when you are wronged. Just be the person that you believe is better than the person that existed yesterday.

I love the men and women that are bold and experiment. They are the reason that we have evolved as a society and a world into the greatest civilization to exist on Earth.

Be bold and experiment. Set the example for your children. Be happy. Be alive. Be free. Be healthy.

I will continue to experiment for our collective benefit. I appreciate you all.

Happy New Year,

Dr. M