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Men's Work

February 20th, 2023

Men: Do you ever ask yourself why some incredible women prefer the mysterious or somewhat bad guy over the put together nice guy? Well, this weeks conversation between Traver Boehm and Connor Beaton goes deep into the psyche and choices of men and women that lead to connection in relationship.

I found this conversation super stimulating as to why and how men can and need to look at how they show up energetically leading to attraction and safety for their partner or partner to be. Are they strong but safe to their partner, children, co workers, etc...? Are they toxic when frustrated?

Do they go emotionally sideways randomly leading to inconsistency of relationship?

I think of this in the context of a teenage boy/man in the making who is struggling with anger and feelings of inadequacy because of limited positive encouragement from his father who no longer lives with him and his mother. He is trying hard and would just love for his father to accept him and love him as he is, a trying being. He lives with his mother who is scared of him because he cannot regulate his emotions when triggered. He yells and gets verbally aggressive with her. This is an all too common scenario at my office.

In any relationship, this is toxic. It is male energy in its worst form. Projected and unsafe. This you tube video talks a bit about relationship understanding from a male perspective in the context of being masculine and having strong masculine energy without allowing the dark side of this energy to affect a relationship.

This kind of education is so important for all teenage boys and men at all ages. Share this with anyone that you think could learn from it.

Primary relationships depend on safety and reliability for continuity and depth.


Dr. M