August 8th, 2022

From the study: Of the 921 children in the cohort, 202 (22%) were exposed to Acid Suppressing Medicines (ASM) during infancy. Compared to unexposed children, those exposed to ASM were more likely to develop recurrent wheeze by age 3 years and asthma by age 6 years. ASM exposure during infancy was not significantly associated with the development of early childhood allergen sensitization.

This study lays on top of many others that have shown similar associations between acid suppressing medicines and issues related to asthma, food allergy and eczema.

The mechanisms are likely related to an alteration in the intestinal and pulmonary bacterial microbiomes leading to pro-inflammatory pathogens gaining real estate in these locations. The function of acid in the stomach is multifactorial but clearly has an effect on microbial makeup and immune sensitization.

My take home point: most issues related to reflux in children is dietarily driven, especially milk protein intolerance. Fix the diet first and then and only then consider ASM's.
Dr. M

Robinson JACI