February 7th, 2022

Vitamin D is arguably the most important micronutrient. It is one of the four fat soluble vitamins and has the added benefit of being synthesized in our skin via the sun's UVB rays. I think that it is critically associated with allergic rhinitis and atopic diseases.We all love sunny days and the effect the sun has on our psyche and feelings of wellness.

For centuries humans have lived by the sun whether by regulating our sleep cycle or producing our natural foods. Yet, recently we have shunned the sun's direct effects on our bodies by avoiding it and overusing sun-blocking agents and lotions. Skin cancer during the 60's and 70's ushered in a period of phobia. True to our nature, we chose the extremist way of dealing with the problem, total avoidance.

This campaign has helped produce a generation of Vitamin D deficient Americans. In the recent past the medical community believed that Vitamin D simply controlled calcium and phosphorus metabolism and bone health. Recent evidence has shown this to be the tip of the iceberg. Vitamin D stimulates the immune system from birth and plays a role in natural immune system function. Inadequate levels of Vitamin D are being linked to autoimmune disease, like multiple sclerosis and cancers. Vitamin D is also known to be involved in the function of over 80 nuclear genes and many aspects of cell differentiation.....

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