January 17th, 2022

By Viany Prasad

"Some argue there is still a justification to boost because you can help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. Sadly, that argument fails in several ways. First, you have no evidence boosting younger people will slow hospitalizations. A vaccinated younger person already has very low risk of being hospitalized. Boosting may not further lower what is already very low. We simply have no evidence. Event rates are sparse at those ages.

Second, this argument would mean the state could tell people what to eat and how much to exercise, and how much to drink.

Food, drink and obesity are drivers of hospitalizations. Instead, we have not accepted these infringements in the past. The justification for vaccine mandates is that it helps curb population spread. The latest vaccine effectiveness figures show that effect is now nearly gone, and transient at best. Ergo, the mandates are unjustified.

Firing nurses and other health care workers for being non-compliant with mandates is now defeating. We are better off having them work. Time to bring them back.

Draconian avoidance of omicron is not tenable. Omicron or a future variant will eventually find us all. It may even be preferable to encounter omicron a few weeks or months after your last vaccine than a year or two later, as the infection may be milder. As I explain in a prior post, wearing an n95 makes no sense.

It is time to face reality."

Dr. Prasad

As you can probably tell by now, I lean towards this reality. Boost if you are at risk, otherwise, I am taking my chances with natural immunity as I have had 2 doses of an mRNA vaccine and my risk is less than 0.0033% for death, I like my odds. 

And, Oh by the way, this sucker is here forever and I don't have much desire to get a booster every 5 or so months based on current antibody waning realities.

My 2 cents. As always review all of the data and make your own choice. Mine is mine alone and not a recommendation for you or any of your loved ones.

Dr. M

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