December 27th, 2021

Without getting into the science this time, lets just look at the to do:

1) Mothers should eat a very healthy whole foods diet while pregnant to encourage the best quality gut flora to pass to her babe. Focus on high volumes of fiber and gut microbe promoting plants

2) Deliver vaginally if possible

3) Breastfeed if possible

4) Consider adding Bifidobacter infantis via Evivo probiotic to enhance HMO metabolism and immune gut tolerance

5) Introduce solids anywhere after 4 months of age assuring that egg, peanut, tree nut, shellfish and other possible allergenic foods are consumed before 1 year of age

6) Maximize maternal vitamins A and D, zinc and magnesium intake for breastmilk micronutrient solvency and infant intestinal health

7) Avoid toxins that cause cellular and tissue damage

8) Reduce the triggers of lymphatic damage as stated above in the to do for the same

Avoiding the antecedent triggers of autoimmunity and allergy is a much easier process than treating the disease,

Dr. M