Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

September 13th, 2021

I hope you will be able to see this email. I wasn't sure how else to reach out to you. Thank you very much for your newsletter. I always look forward to receiving it.

I had a question about something you wrote. Can you elaborate on what you wrote below? How would I know if I had a poor vaccine response? Would a poor response be that there were no side effects or was having bad side effects a poor response? Everyone in my family that got the MRNA vaccines had zero effects other than slight headaches the next day. Our friends, after their second doses, were in bed the next three days and extremely tired and felt like they had the flu.

I assumed a robust reaction was a good thing, but in reading what you wrote, I assume that no reaction was a good thing? Like our bodies weren't in a state of inflammation, we get good sleep and eat well so we tolerated it well? Could that be the case?

My response: there has been no rhyme or reason behind an individuals post vaccine response. To my knowledge there is no correlation between post vaccine symptoms and antibody response. At one point, I thought that there was, but that has not panned out. To know if you had a good response can be tested in two ways: assessing antibody titers to the nucleocapsid and to the spike protein. A higher response indicates a better response and longer immunity. A second way would be to look at T and B cell responses, however, this is only done in a research setting.

The data from Israel has shown that over time, antibody responses wane over a 4 to 8 month period and that puts the individual at increased risk for reinfection. However, the risk is directly related to metabolic dysfunction on many fronts: poorer response to vaccination, worse response to the virus once infected, worse ability to resolve the inflammation post infection, worse immune polarity and higher mortality.

All of that being said, if you are vaccinated, your risk of death is still incredibly small despite a reinfection.

The ONLY way to semi guarantee a high quality outcome is to reverse the risk factors for a bad outcome as we have discussed for many months.

Dr. M