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Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays with sick clinics daily for established patients.

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Our practice is the first in the greater Charlotte area with two board-certified pediatricians who are classically trained in the best of traditional medicine and have additional training in functional and integrative medicine. We believe that each patient is unique. We understand the need to listen and decide on the best of all possible therapies for you.

Our goal is to provide you with this modern practice model because of a desire to make medicine more personalized.  We offer comprehensive primary care including: asthma and allergy therapy, behavioral health, cutting edge nutrition counseling, stress reduction and evidence based use of modern therapies.


Medicaid Is Changing:
How will these changes affect you?

The State of North Carolina recently passed legislation that will take Medicaid from a single-payer state run system to a private insurance based multi-payer system. These changes may affect you? If you currently have Medicaid or your children are enrolled with North Carolina Medicaid, you will be required to select from one of the five new private health plans. If you choose not to select a plan, North Carolina Medicaid will auto-assign one to you.
We are notifying OUR patients in advance that we will be credentialed with the following five plans:

  •  Wellcare of North Carolina, Inc.
  •  United HealthCare of North Carolina, Inc.
  •  Carolina Complete Health
  •  Healthy Blue
  • AmeriHealth Caritas


We cannot overstate how important is for you to select a plan. Otherwise, one will auto-assigned to you by the state. If you fail to or choose not to select a plan, you will be auto-assigned to a primary care provider closest to your home. If you are assigned to any practice other than Salisbury Pediatrics, or are enrolled with a plan we are not credentialed with, we will be unable to treat your child, until the appropriate changes have been made.

How can you get prepared?

• Contact your caseworker at DSS to make sure ALL of your contact information is correct.
• Beginning in July (Davie/Davidson counties) or October (Rowan/Cabarrus/Iredell/ Mecklenburg/Union/Stanley counties), an enrollment broker with Maximus will be contacting all Medicaid recipients to begin enrollment. Expect a phone call from the enrollment team. It may be a 1-800 number, so be on the lookout.
• Select one of the above plans that we will be credentialed with.
• Be sure to select Salisbury Pediatrics as your child’s Primary Care Provider.
• You will receive new insurance ID cards in the mail. Your new policy period will begin on  February 1, 2020 for all regions in North Carolina. Make sure you bring the new insurance card with you to all appointments.

***If you have any questions, you may call our office at (704) 216-2020
to speak to a member of our insurance department



Our practice is constantly looking for ways of improving our patient care. Please follow this link to fill out a short survey to help us with our office development!